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A little about us

Talking About Watches is a horology enthusiasts’ forum. Instead of a thread-based forum, users on Talking Watches express their opinions in the comments of an article or video, like users do on Buzzfeed or Youtube.

I have created this website because learning about watches is my hobby. I enjoy learning about the different types of crystals used in watches, the different movements, the different materials used in straps and how they are made, as well as the history behind watch manufacturers both popular and underground. I’m especially interested in the personal stories behind watches handed down from generation to generation.

There are plenty of low-quality, confusing watch forums on the internet, so I created this website as a one-stop encyclopaedia on all things concerning watches. I have designed the website in a minimalist, clean way, with clear navigation as well as the ability to search for specific topics, brands or model names.